Light Weight Fixings

Light Weight Fixings

Light Weight Fixings
The range of light weight fixings consist of:
  • - Plastic Frame Fixing
  • Universal frame fixing for installation of door and window frames and many more applications

  • - Metal Frame Anchor
  • These Anchors are used for distortion-free fixing of metal frames, directly through the fixture of the substrate

  • - Ceiling Wedge Anchor
  • Cost-effective anchor for fixing lightweight ceilings and suspended ceilings to solid building materials

  • - Metal Hammer Fixing
  • Lightweight metal anchor consisting of a zinc alloy expanding body with hammer-in steel pin. For light duty fastenings in concrete and masonry.

  • - Hammer In Fixings
  • This fixing with mushroom head is for fast, simple and cost effective installations.
  • Type of Screw heads include: Cylinder, Mushroom and Counter Sunk.

  • - Universal Plug
  • High Performance universal nylon plug which expands on solid materials and forms a reliable knot formation in all cavities.