Executive Messages

Hassan AlKabbani

The IKK Group has an inspiring past and a strong present. Such a journey requires the qualities of foresight, strategy and preparedness, along with the power of trust. Our inspiration comes from our willingness to believe in our capability to deliver.

The IKK Group recognizes that its real strength lies in its human resources; People are what make this Group great.

Our business philosophy is to exceed the expectations of our clients by working at a 110% pace, rewarding our clientele with an outstanding standard of excellence. Such cannot be achieved without the commitment, hard work, commonsense and perseverance of each and every member of the IKK Group

Hassam Kabbani

Amr AlKabbani

Transparency, Accountability, Level playing field are all elements that generate opportunities for the IKK Group. By doing so, we are completely aligned with the strategy set out long ago by the founder of the IKK Group, Sheikh Isam Khairi Kabbani.

His views and actions were always taking into account the present context and the long-term prospects as well; seeing where this has taken the Group to, we all agree that this is a winning formula.

In the midst of all challenges, our “Big 6 Companies” (NAMAT, NEPRO, KCG, UNITECH, Al-HAYAT and IKK Supply & Trade) are excellently performing, while the Group continues with its “smart” investments. This represents further evidence of the Group’s belief in the future, to keep the IKK Group growing ever more.

Amr Kabbani