HVAC Thermal Insulation

HVAC Thermal Insulation

Light Weight Fixings

Adhesives, sealants and protection products for ducting and pipework insulation. Optimizing the performance and service life of HVAC systems. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems need insulation to maintain the highest degree of efficiency, and that insulation needs fixing and protection to optimise its performance and service life.

Specially developed for the HVAC industry, Bostik’s range of high performance tapes, coatings, adhesives and sealants provides secure fixing, as well as physical and environmental protection for all ducting and pipework insulation. Our latest innovation is a self-adhesive thermal acoustic wrap, which reduces noise breakout from piping and ductwork.

HVAC Adhesives:

Bostik’s Idenden range of adhesives is ideal for the direct bonding of all types of insulation to a wide variety of surfaces, as well as for attaching and sealing overlaps in aluminium facings.

Specially developed for the thermal insulation industry, our range includes a choice of high performance water-borne, solvent-based or hot melt adhesives. All adhesives are easy to apply, whether it’s via trowel, brush or spray, or a convenient aerosol can with a variable setting nozzle.

In addition to direct bonding, attaching and sealing, Bostik offers an adhesive grade that can act as a vapour barrier coating to cold store walls.

HVAC Sealants:

Developed to provide a tough, resilient, air-tight seal for ductwork without the need for additional tape, Bostik’s Idenden range of sealants can be used on longitudinal and flange joints in low and high velocity air conditioning and ventilation systems to prevent the loss of internal pressure from the duct. Sealants for low and high velocity air conditioning and ventilation systems All sealants in the range meet the exacting requirements of the HVAC industry, with water-based, solvent-based and silicone options available. They’re easy to apply and are both waterproof and heat resistant, offering excellent adhesion to metal surfaces.

Self-Adhesive Foil Tapes:

Used to complete the vapour barrier on foil-faced pipe and slab sections in thermal insulation applications, Bostik’s Idenden range of aluminium foil tapes helps protect against the effects of fire, moisture and dust, while maintaining system efficiency.

Proven performance:

A wide variety of foil thicknesses, finishes and adhesive backings are offered within the range, including the market-leading T303. With proven performance and reliability, all our tapes are easy to apply, exhibit instant adhesion and can be moulded to any profile.