Tile Movement Joints

Tile Movement Joints

NEXUS Manufacture Tile Movement Joints that are used on floors to protect tile edges and to accommodate movements and local stresses.

Mechanical Cladding Fixation (Stangle)

Using tile joints is a suitable and economic solution to avoid problems related to the fixing tiles.

Sealants are used for the economic viability and easiness in application and due to their poor load bearing capacity, sealants often fail resulting in cracks and fissures along the line of application.

Nexus Expansion Joint Solutions are designed to conceal areas of structural movement. Concrete Slabs are designed to move due of pressures from long-term shrinkage, thermal expansion, contraction of the structure and seismic activity.

Tile Movement Joints are best suited replacement for such situations and suitable for use with Ceramic, Terrazzo, Marble, Stone and other similar materials.