Partition Systems

Partition Systems


Knauf Performer is our most versatile partition solution, able to meet nearly every performance requirement. The Knauf Performer system is lightweight, strong and easy to install and can be specified with confidence for an enormous range of applications. It is constructed using a single row of Knauf metal studs with Knauf plasterboards to both sides in order to meet fire, acoustic, moisture and impact requirements. The Performer system is lightweight, simple to construct and should be used in conjunction with Knauf’s finishing solutions range.

Isolator system:

The Knauf Isolator system is typically used to divide habitable dwellings. The twin stud build up, combined with Knauf’s high performance plasterboards, maximises acoustic performance in order to comply with building regulations, technical handbooks and guidances for sound insulation.


Knauf Shaftwall is our innovative system to for enclosures around service and lift shafts while working from one side. The unique Knauf ‘C-T’ Stud makes this possible with a minimum of components. The system can provide a high level of fire resistance performance to meet the requirements of your project.