Insulation Systems (Saudi Rockwool)

Insulation Systems (Saudi Rockwool)

Mechanical Cladding Fixation (Stangle)

KIMMCO-ISOVER products offer solutions to enable the construction sector to meet the increasing demand for ecofriendly and energy efficient building materials. Stone Wool (Rock Wool) insulation products play a key role in the successful development of green and fire safe building solutions, as well as efficiently insulated industrial equipment.

KIMMCO-ISOVER products are made of high quality Stone Wool insulation materials in different shapes (slab, Wired Mat, roll, pipe section & loose wool) for all types of buildings (residential & non-residential) and industrial facilities.

The factory is located in Yanbu, in the western region of Saudi Arabia. In addition to Stone Wool insulation, KIMMCO-ISOVER manufactures and supplies Glass Wool insulation from its factory located in Kuwait.

What is Stone Wool?

KIMMCO-ISOVER Stone Wool products is made from volcanic rock – a natural material present in large quantities throughout the Earth. It combines mechanical resistance with good thermal performance, fire safety and high temperature suitability.

Why Insulation in Buildings?

KIMMCO-ISOVER products are application based solutions to satisfy a wide range of demanding requirements, covering various building and industry applications, to providing safety, efficiency, and thermal and acoustical comfort.

Savings & Thermal Comfort

With proper insulation, our buildings need smaller and less expensive heating and cooling devices to keep us comfortable.

Optimized Acoustic Comfort

Insulation also contributes to limiting sound pollution. In our modern world, noise has become one of the major sources of discomfort.

Excellent Fire Protection

It is crucial to have construction products that, in case of fire, don’t contribute to the spread of fire and don’t produce a harmful amount of smoke.


Buildings have a massive impact on the environment, both in their construction and throughout their life.