Concrete Accessories

Concrete Accessories

Mechanical Cladding Fixation (Stangle)

We supply fill line of cost effective Concrete Accessories of the highest quality for concrete manufacturers and contractors. Our Offerings are divided into FormWork Accessories and PVC Products.

FormWork Accessories:
  • - Tie Rods
  • - Galvanized Waler Plates
  • - Galvanized Wing Nuts / SW 27
  • - Galvanized Waler Nuts / SW 27
  • - Galvanized Counter Plates / Plain
  • - Hexagon Nuts / SW 30
  • - Water Stoppers Or Barriers / SW 36
  • - PVC Tubes - Thruty Sleeves
  • - PVC Tubes - Thruty Cones

PVC Products:
  • - PVC Chamfer Strips
  • - PVC Chair Spacer
  • - PVC Wheel Spacer
  • - Shim Pad
Tie Rods
  • - Form tie rods DG 15/17 made from mild steel and steel EN 8 are threaded along their entire length. Natural finish with anti rust coating.
  • - Core diameter = 15mm (outer diameter= 17mm).
  • - Weight 1.44 Kg/m
  • - Permissible load (breaking and working load) as per DIN 18216 | Fperm. = 80-90 KN
  • - Permissible shear load (breaking and working load) | Qperm. = 28 KN
  • - Ultimate tensile load (breaking and working load) | Fult.= 146 KN
  • - Yield force Fyield= 121 KN
  • - Rupture elongation Erup= 15%
  • - Safety regulation: Do not weld and heat tie rods because there will be danger of cracking

Galvanized Waler Plates
  • - Plates are made from steel ST 37 to accommodate tie rods DG 15/17.
  • - To be used with wing nuts or hexagon nuts.
  • - For use in both timber and steel formwork.
  • - Zinc plated.
  • - Ø D= 20 mm.

Galvanized Wing Nuts / SW 27
  • - Wing nuts are made of malleable cast iron - Grade BM 30- 06 Grey
  • - iron to be used in conjunction with waler plates for securing tie rods
  • - in formwork applications.
  • - For use in both timber and steel formwork.
  • - Zinc plated.
  • - h= 60mm,
  • - d= 33mm,
  • - w= 90mm,
  • - s= 27mm.

Galvanized waLer nuts / SW 27
  • - Waler nuts are made from cast iron to accommodate tie rods DG
  • - For use without waler or counter plates in both timber and steel formwork.
  • - Zinc plated
  • - h= 55 mm
  • - s= 27 mm.

Galvanized Counter Plates / Plain
  • - Counter plates made from steel ST 37.
  • - To accommodate tie rods DG 15/17.
  • - To be used in both timber and steel formwork with wing or hexagon nuts.
  • - Hot-dip galvan

Hexagon Nuts / SW 30
  • - For use with tie rods DG 15/17 in both timber and steel formwork with waler or counter plate.
  • - 50 mm length to be used also as bar connector.
  • - To be operated by means of a spanner.
  • - Zinc plated.
  • - Hex size s= 30 mm

Water Stoppers or Barriers / SW 36

This malleable cast iron - Grade BM 30- 06 Grey iron part is used together with tie rods DG 15/17 for the construction of watertight concrete walls. It is very often the case that customers demand the tie rods to be connected up to a so-called waterstop in the middle of the wall.

  • - Zinc plated.
  • - Hex size s= 36 mm

These systems are used for basement walls or tanks where a watertight structure is required. After the concrete has cured the bars are unscrewed from the watertight coupling, formwork cones removed and the holes are then grouted with mortar or injected with polyester resin.


PVC Tubes - Thruty Sleeves

Rigid PVC tube, supplied in length of 2 m, which can be easily cut to size on site. To be used as an expandable sleeve over tierods, facilitating their removal and also acting as a spacer to give correct shutter position. Tubes allow the recovery of the tie rods by preventing contact with the concrete. Length to be cut depends on wall thickness.

  • - (length= wall thickness minus 2 cm)

PVC Thruty Cones

Thruty cones used at the ends of thruty sleeves and can be easily extracted after removal of the formwork, to form a chamfered recess for subsequent grouting.


PVC Chamfer Strips

PVC profiles suitable for forming chamfered corners to columns and beams. Chamfers are re-usable.


PVC Chair Spacer

This spacer is the most popular spacer for horizontal placed reinforcement in slabs and beams. It has good stability and can be used with various bar diameters due to its concave seat. Designed for light reinforcement in slabs and beams.


PVC Clip Spacer

PVC Wheel Spacer

Wheel spacers for universal use. Clamping retention lugs for different steel diameters. Extra-wide support area reduces possibility of tipping over. Open style design does not interrupt concrete flow. External ribs for minimal formwork contact.


Shim Pad

For assembling precast concrete parts and facade elements.