Bituminous Protective Primers

Bituminous Protective Primers

Bituminous Protective Primers

Bolden WB is a brushable, water-based sulphate resistant bitumen coating. It is formed by the anionic emulsification of pliable bitumen and is both stable and easy to apply. It adheres to all types of surfaces and can also be diluted to become a penetrating priming coat for use on porous surfaces.

  • - Waterproof & Weather proof.
  • - Anti corrosive
  • - Environment friendly
  • - Non-flammable
  • - Excellent resistance to UV rays, mild acids and alkalis

Principal Applications:
  • Bolden WB can be used:
  • - as a general purpose damp proof coating for concrete.
  • - as a waterproofing and protective coating for basements, foundations and retaining walls.
  • - as a vapour barrier for both above and below ground applications.
  • - as a maintenance coating for roofs and walls over concrete or metal surfaces.
  • - as a bonding and priming coat for a variety of bitumen-based waterproofing systems, whether liquid, felts or membranes. as an excellent anti-corrosion paint for metal surfaces

Bolden SB is a premium quality, quick drying solvent based bitumen primer. It acts as a primer and sealer coal for masonry and concrete to improve the bonding of bituminous materials. Used as a primer coat prior to the application of bituminous waterproofing membranes.

  • - Binder for dust particles.
  • - Improves the bond of bituminous materials.
  • - Cold applied, does not require heating, thinning and mixing.
  • - Anti corrosive
  • - Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Fungus


The surface need to be clean and free of oil, grease and any other loosely adhering particles. The surface need to be dry before priming with Bolden SB. The primer can be applied straight from the container with standard brushes, squeegees, roller or spray equipment. The primer should be allowed to dry naturally before the application of subsequent layers