Polypropylene Protection Boards

Polypropylene Protection Boards

PolyBoard is a semi-flexible polypropylene based board for waterproofing membrane protection.

Mechanical Cladding Fixation (Stangle)

POLYBOARD is extremely strong in puncture and injury resistance. It is engineered to resist puncture at over 1100, 1300, 1500, 2000, 24000 and 2600 Newton as per ASTM E154/ E154M-08a (2019). It differs from any other materials used to protect the waterproofing membrane as it enjoys flexibility which enables its use for tacking corners, protrusions, rounded surfaces and also uneven surfaces.

It is not affected by mineral oils, solvents, acids, based, and salts. These elements are usually found in contaminated water tables and soil compositions.

This product does not absorb water, which adds to the impermeability of the waterproofing membrane.


PolyBoard is applied on hot asphalt liquid membranes, torched applied asphalt membranes and on rubber based waterproofing membranes.

  • 1. Hot applied liquid membrane:
  • PolyBoard is simply laid down on top of hot asphalt before it cools down.
  • 2. Torched applied asphalt membrane:
  • before application of PolyBoard, the exposed side of the membrane shall be lightly torched in separate spots. When the top exposed layer of the membrane changes into a sticky shiny layer, PolyBoard protection boards are applied with gentle pressure.
  • 3. Rubber waterproofing membrane:
  • a solvent based glue (Patex or similar) is applied as an adhering agent between the waterproofing membrane and the protection board.
  • 4. PolyBoard is also used as a protection boards for tiles of various finishes during construction phases.