Bitumen Impregnated Fillers and Protection Boards

Bitumen Impregnated Fillers and Protection Boards

Mechanical Cladding Fixation (Stangle)

Filler Boards are manufactured from highly resilient softwood fibers coated with bitumen according to BS EN 320:2011. Filler Boards are dry and clean, and cannot extrude any form of staining matter. They are resistant to moisture penetration and ice formation in the joint. They are immune to dry and wet rot, fungus and most forms of insect attack or similar forms of deterioration.

They completely fills joints under repeated cycles of expansion and contraction with minimum extrusion. They are also a good insulating vapor barrier which is easily handled without breakage.

Basic Use:

Filler Boards are designed as a standard, Low cost, pre-moulded joint filler for expansion joints in civil engineering and building construction works of all types. The main uses for Bituboard in the construction industry are: roads, bridges, runways, pedestrian areas, basements, retaining walls and site slabs.

Protection Work:

Filler Boards are recommended for the protection of different materials, particularly waterproofing below-grade where abrasive and sharp backfill material could puncture or otherwise damage the waterproofing.