Clean Energy Solutions

Clean Energy Solutions


Unitech offers Solar PV systems designed to meet the electrical power needs to multiple projects, including residential, industrial, commercial, educational, healthcare, and several others. Unitech has vast experience in providing off grid, hybrid and grid tight systems to the region. We have been installing the best in-class PV solar panels, Inverters, and several types of storage systems including LIFEPO4 batteries, gel low voltage batteries and lead acid batteries.

Our scope of work involves:

1. Sustainable Energy systems mounting and installation

a- Small residential systems up to 15KW

b- Commercial Systems up to 60KW

c- Industrial Systems up to 1MW

d- Solar Energy Systems for Elevators and common areas

e- Solar energy systems for residential and Agricultural water Pumps

2. Off grid Storage Systems installation

a- Small residential systems up to 45KW

b- Commercial systems up to 120KW

c- Large storage systems up to 360KW

3. Wholesale division for

a- Solar PV Panels (440w – 660w)

b- Hybrid Inverters (Single and triple Phases)

c- Gridtight inverters

d- Storage LIFEPO4 batteries (24V and 48V) with UL certification in conformity with IEC standards

e- Gel and Lead Acid Batteries

f- HDG and GI steel mounting systems

g- DC cables, MC4 connectors and port fuses

Brands we install and distribute includes:

  • Jinko
  • JA
  • Longi
  • ZNShine
  • Deye
  • Sungrow
  • Tommatech
  • Voltronic
  • Austa
  • PCenersys
  • Powerbelt
  • Growatt
  • Z-power