Oil Spill Recovery

Oil Spill Recovery

Mechanical Cladding Fixation (Stangle)

G+® Technology

G+® is a Directa Plus brand, we offer a range of graphene nanoplatelets- based products – either ready-to-use or custom-blended to meet customers› specific technical requirements.

Benefits of G+® products:

  • - Chemical Free
  • - Certified as non-toxic
  • - High Purity
  • - Consistent Quality
  • - Taylor-made particles shape
  • - Production capacity: 30 tonnes/year
  • - Abudant, safe and non-toxic raw material

Patented, Modular process:

Our production process uses a unique technique we call Plasma Super Expansion. Starting from natural graphite, each step of the process – expansion, exfoliation and drying – creates graphene nanoplatelets-based materials ready for a variety of uses and available in different forms such as powder, liquid and paste.

Our production process produces a highly consistent graphene nanoplatelets product - an important factor for commercial customers - and does not need any chemical or solvent additives.

Oil-Spill recovery:

GRAFYSORBER® is an innovative graphene-based material ideal for tackling environmental emergencies, including both historical and recent pollution

  • - At least five times better than conventional solutions
  • - Very fast adsorption kinetics
  • - Recovery of adsorbed hydrocarbons and re-use of the material

Commercial Products:

A wide range of oil adsorbent barriers and pillows is available in different sizes and formats. Directa plus has the expertise required to setup a mobile production unit and able to produce on site and on-demand the GRAFYSORBER® needed to clean up the contamination