Semi-Flex Abrasive Discs

Semi-Flex Abrasive Discs

Semi-Flex Abrasive Discs

ZEC Semiflex is manufactured with a fiber support of 2.0 mm in thickness and multiple layers of first-rate abrasive.

Intended to be mounted on hand grinding machines with a proper backing pad, it acquires its flexibility after a few minutes from beginning of working. Therefore the flexibility shall never be tested by hand in a cold condition.

The flexibility allows to deaden vibrations that normally occur with the use of grinding wheels, reduces and facilitates the operator's labour while providing an excellent performance. To achieve the best efficiency of the disc, just exert a slight pressure during working.

Perforated holes on the surface prevent the work piece from overheating while, at the same time, allow the ejection of scraps.

ZEC Semiflex complies with the safety requirements according to the European Standard EN 13743.

Main Features

  • • 2.0mm fiber heavy duty backing
  • • Long Lasting
  • • Long Lasting
  • • Very aggressive
  • • Use with back up pad

Technical Data

Semi-Flex Abrasive Details