Construction Silicone Sealant

Construction Silicone Sealant

Construction Silicone Sealant
Silicone Sealant 260 Grams
Product Description

Eagle Seal Silicone Sealant is single component, room temperature acetoxy cured, and general purpose RTV sealant. It gives permanently elastic jointing compound, which is capable of accommodating up to 20 percent movement capability when properly applied. It offers excellent adhesion and weatherproof ability for general glazing and/or sealing application. Due to its elasticity Eagle Seal Silicone Sealant has excellent recovery properties and will withstand constant cyclic movement with out any adverse effect on the sealant.

Primary Uses
  • Eagle Seal Silicone Sealant is specially designed for use where high movement is desired. It provides a weather seal between aluminium and glass in typical glazing application. Sealing around sinks, faucets, showers, tubs, toilets and vents.

  • • Weatherproof
  • • Tough Elastic
  • • Fast Cure, high strength
  • • Fast Cure, high strength
  • • uv resistant
  • • Non-slump and non sag
  • • Non staining and non fading

  • • Install back up spacing material for better filling, especially if the width exceed ½” to maximize bonding.
  • • Apply masking tape to area adjacent to the joint to ensure straight bead line and easy clean up.
  • • Cut out blind seal and fit nozzle.
  • • Remove masking tape after bead is formed and before skin forms.
  • • Eagle Seal Silicone Sealant is applied firmly onto the substrate to be sealed. Always tool the sealant on completion to ensure smooth finish.

Direction For Use
  • Surface Preparation: Always ensure the area to be sealed is clean, dry and oil free.

  • Sealant should be applied while room is well ventilated. Uncured material may irritate eyes, respiratory system and skin. In case of contact with eyes rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN

  • Eagle Seal Silicone Sealant can not be over-painted and should not be used on those applications where the sealant is used for sealing porous areas that will be constantly submerged such as concrete, swimming pools or marine application.


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Construction Silicone Sealant 260 Application