Toilet Partitions and Lockers

Toilet Partitions and Lockers

Partitions and Lockers

Beta Toilets from Beta Contech are manufactured and customized to meet the precise needs of simple to complicated projects with its top-notch finish, quality of material and within a timely delivery.

A complete solution with a wide selection of colors and textures are available.Our panels are manufactured from Black Phenolic covered with HPL panels to withstand harsh utilization conditions, while accessories come in a stainless steel finish; Gravity hinges, indicators Rosette, Lock set, Knob, Coat Hook, Pedestal leg, tissue holder.

Technical Details Compact Laminates

Compact Laminate is a high-pressure, load bearing decorative laminate which is resistant to atmospheric and chemical agents. it has an inner core of celluloid fibers impregnated with thermosetting resins, and a surface coating of the same fibers, decorated and impregnated by primary amino plastic resins. It is resistant to extreme temperatures, chemicals, stains and scratches.


To cut Phenolic always use well-sharpened, hard tools (tungsten carbide /Widia) . Cool down the tool at all times during the cutting to prevent heating.

When cutting panels, take into consideration the following:

  • 1- Adjust the cutting blade well so it enters fully from the panel side:
    • • Table-mounted saw: face the visible side of the panel upwards.
    • • Hand-held saw: face the visible side of the panel downwards.
  • 2- Height of the cutting blade:
    • •For clean cut edges of the exposed surface, adjust the saw blade so that it shows up around I - 2 cm from the panel sawn surface.

Main Features and Characteristics

  • • Good chemical resistance (sodium hydl-oxide. vinegar. 502, urine)
  • • Impact resistance
  • • Decorative
  • • Resistant to water and steam
  • • Easy to clean
  • • Heat insensitive
  • • High dimensional stability
  • • No dust attraction
  • • Ease of installation
  • • Limited flammability and smoke emission in case of fire (EGF)
  • • Scratch Proof
  • • Acceptable bending ability
  • • Non-corrosive


  • Height : 2000 mm Including 150mm floor clearance
  • Door Size : According to Site Requirement
  • Ironmongeries: Gravity Hinges, Indicator Rosette Lock Set, Knob, Coat Hook, :Pedestal Leg, Tissue Holder
  • Compact Grade Laminate - 12, 13 mm
  • • Compact Grade Laminate - 12, 13 mm
  • • Impact Resistance - High performance black core offers exceptional resistance to impact and moisture
  • • Water proof - suitable for u s e in wet areas and humid conditions where hygiene and case of maintenance is essential
  • • Fire resistance - Passes BS 476 C lass
  • • Smooth, non - porous surface which will NOT support bacteria or attract dust
  • • Smooth, non - porous surface which will NOT support bacteria or attract dust
  • • Fixture - The divider walls , pilasters are affixed to Full Length Aluminum "U " profile in our Standard

Special Features of BETA

  • • Retains brilliant finish even after many years of demanding use
  • • Extremely strong, impact resistant and flexible. It will not become hard and brittle, or soft and elastic.
  • • Smooth, non-porous surface which WILL NOT support bacteria or attract dust
  • • Water and Moisture: Water proof except in stagnant water. Extensively used for Shower Cubicles
  • • Staining, Graffiti and Bacteria growth: Top layer Coated with melamine resin of high concentration. No pores on top Surface hence non-absorbent.
  • • Scratching: Single Smooth entity with very hard melamine top
  • • Cigarette Bum: Passes highest grade "5" as per lSI Specification. i.e. burning of cigarette leaves no visible mark on the compact.
  • • Impact: Has high density therefore vandal proof
  • • Fire: Passes BS 476 Class I
  • • Color Change: Passes the Xenon Arc Wool test- Grade 6.No change except when directly exposed to sunlight for 180 days


  • The divider walls, Pilasters are affixed to Full length aluminum "U" profile in our Standard installation. We DO NOT use Simple "L" angles.

  • Phenolic comes in standard grade or with special characteristics depending on the purpose of use according to the following classifications:
  • • CGS: Compact laminate, General purpose or moderate use, Standard grade
  • • CGF: Compact laminate, General purpose or moderate use, Flame-retardant grade

Typical Applications for (CGS & CGF)
  • • Hospitals / Infirmaries / Clinics: medical equipment tables, food trolleys for patients. hospital kitchens. interior cladding for the walls of rooms requiring high degree of disinfection.
  • • Nurseries / Schools: Classroom tables and seats.
  • • Pools / Saunas.
  • • Airports / Train stations.
  • • Kitchens: food preparation tables and skin surroundings.
  • • Food factories.
  • • Laboratories: laboratories tables.
  • • Bathrooms and Fitting rooms: due to these boards moisture resistant traits.
  • • Cubicles and partitions