Sustainability at Unitech incorporates aligning our business strategy to meet communal needs, while reducing our negative environmental impact and contributing to social development. This commitment is entrenched at all levels of our company to a day-to-day safety and compliance management in all regions.

Our approach to sustainability is coordinated by reviewing feedbacks and emerging trends and by regular assessment of our sustainability performance.

Our sustainability efforts are one element of our industry-leading strategies for assessing and mitigating risks and evolving our environmental,social and governance practices. Quite simply, sustainable management has always been in Unitech’s interest. Sustainability also involves economic aspects, for Unitech, that means concentrating on the right markets.

Social Responsibility

We have developed our aims for sustainable development, to be able to do the following:

- Develop and promote education initiatives in local & rural areas to promote social inclusion.

- Develop a long term relationship approach with local communities & governmental specialized agencies contribute to the development of the industry.

- We aim to align our community support initiatives to our business activities, and to integrate the resulting benefits and value to the products and services we provide.

- We believe that managing sustainability is the responsibility of all businesses, Unitech embraces that responsibility with persistence and enthusiasm.

- We are committed to producing and delivering our products to be environmentally sustainable and socially responsible.

- We believe that it is our responsibility to take an active role in building a better community, and that it’s good business as well.

- We work towards protecting the environment and conserving resources across our supply chain.

- We are dedicated to continuous improvement – ongoing learning, process review and innovative thinking that fosters new initiatives and better practices.