Insulation & Protection Materials.

Polyethylene Rolls

POLIANE Polyethylene Rolls. A blown polyethylene film resistant to alkalis, salts, acids and chemicals found in sub-soils; fully stable and waterproof. It is an anti-corrosive and weather resistant blown polyethylene film.



A natural choice in designing, building and constructing works including roads and highways; ground, drainage and filtration systems; hydraulic works, waste disposal sites and water purifying plants.


Bitumen Impregnated Wood Fiber Fillers & Protection Boards

Bituboard is manufactured from highly resilient softwood fibers coated with bitumen.

It is dry and clean, and cannot extrude any form of staining matter and it is resistant to moisture penetration and ice formation in the joint.

It is immune to dry and wet rot, fungus and most forms of insect attack or similar forms of deterioration.



Polypropylene Protection Boards

Poly Board is a semi flexible polypropylene based board for waterproofing membrane protection.

It is extremely strong in puncture and injury resistance.

It differs from any other materials used to protect the waterproofing membrane as it enjoys flexibility which enables its use for tacking corners, protrusions, rounded surfaces, and also on uneven surfaces. Form lining boards for a smooth finish. It is not affected by minerals, oils, solvents, acids, bases and salts.