Concrete Work Supplies

Unicrete Concrete Accessories

UNICRETE Formwork Accessories include tie rods, thruty sleeves, base plates, wing nuts, anchor nuts, thruty cones, water barriers, chamfers, and others.





PVC Waterstops

UNITECH Waterstop is designed for use in any concrete structure which contains joints and is subjected to a hydrostatic load on one face of the structure.
It prevents water movement through concrete joints in water reservoirs, canals, dams, sewage treatment plants, bridges, stadiums, basements, floor slabs, parking garages and similar structures.


Hardened Steel Nails For Concrete

DON QUICHOTTE concrete nails is the leader in nail fixing, high hardness and flexibility. Manufactured from special high carbon steel.




Aluminum Levels

BMI stands for an innovative manufacturing technology of levels, designed for strenuous work. BMI ensures a long working period and high precision for your tasks apart from an appealing optical design. BMI worldwide patented manufacturing processes ensure constant and consistent top quality.


Extruded Polystyrene Thermal Insulating Boards

Extruded Polystyrene rigid thermal insulation boards mainly used for insulating roofs, walls and floors from severe climate conditions. Insulation boards, manufactured according to ASTM C578, also help the prevention of ultraviolet rays from penetrating roofs, walls and floors.